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  • 19 November 2021
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Recently had a call promoting a wifi security camera and a slightly cheaper plan.... eventually started asking for permission for a credit check to put it through, then ID such as SIN number....seemed odd. Then got a confirmation email with the extension @e.koodoomobile.com. Am I right this sounds a scam? Ended up hanging up on them. 

2 replies

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Sounds fishy to me regardless of it was a scam or not. 


Never give personal info over the phone from a cold call.


I would ask them for some kind of reference number and if you could call back an official channel through Telus or Koodo to pick up the conversation. 

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Did you copy and paste the email address? The fact that koodoo is misspelled tells me enough... unless that was a typo on your part.

Regardless Dennis gave solid advice: never give your personal information to a random person calling you!