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Rude and impatient Sale Rep #1896990 in Sarnia

I was referred by a friend to switch my account to koodo. We asked this sales rep how to link my friend's account to mine in order to get $50 referral credit. She told us that would be something we should figured out before we came, and it is not her business. We standed by the counter to study koodo website. She asked us to leave the counter and come back to change my account when I am ready. When we came back, I told her to be patient with me as she talks too fast and I am slow. She said she doesn't want to sign me up and I could go to another koodo booth in to help mall. I have never met such rude sales rep in any business.

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User *Richard Wang" also posted a complaint about the same rep today.
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Hey Jean! Thanks for sharing your feedback.  From what we can understand you went with Richard to the store today.  We also forwarded this thread over to the right person for review.  Please let us know if you have any questions about our refer a friend program and we will be more than happy to assist.  Thank you!