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Roaming - Recommended US Network Operators

Hi - just wondering if there is a recommended carrier(s)to use when roaming in the US ?

Does it even matter ?

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When you talk about roaming,it's usually with Koodo that you roam so the carrier doesn't matter. You'll roam on all the carriers. If you want a SIM card there, it's not called roaming and I can't help you much with that. I've never used any. I always roamed.
Yes, it would be roaming with Koodo.

Great - thanks for the answer.
Gooner wrote:

Yes, it would be roaming with Koodo.

Great - thanks for the answer.

Most Canadian carriers will connect to the AT&T network down on the states. They use very similar network bands to Canadian carriers.
There are only two national networks in the USA that use the same technology as the network Koodo uses in Canada. When in the states, devices with Koodo SIM cards will roam on the network Koodo has negotiated a roaming agreement with ... Currently it is AT&T. If your device is unlocked, the cheapest option is to use a SIM card from a USA provider who uses a compatible network ... AT&T, T-Mobile, and many smaller regional providers. Roaming charges are out of control with North American service providers, and there's no real justification for it other than its an easy cash grab ... And the CRTC & FCC have no intention of stepping in any time soon. Just say'n.