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Roaming question

  • 21 November 2021
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Can someone explain me what is best between easy roaming and pay per use? We don't use the phone that much but we traveled from Canada to US and we start getting some phone calls. I put easy roaming on my husband's phone, but then data wouldn't work so he had to put international roaming or it wasn't going to work. I also received a phone call from the car rental in the states as a international call because my phone doesn't have easy roaming. Should I put to both phones? Do we need to turn off the international roaming every time we use the phone? Is it per minute? Neither my husband nor myself are very knowledgeable about international traveling and I don't want to deal with unexpected fees. TIA


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2 replies

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I assumed you both are postpaid customers.

US roaming is automatically enabled whenever you travel to US. You don’t  need easyroam if you don’t like it. If you had issue, normally you can try to restart the phone or take the SIM out and put the SIM back. That would help to enable roaming.

The only difference between easyroam and payperuse is the rate. Easyroam is charged by 24h cycles ($9/24h on top of your current plan) https://www.koodomobile.com/easyroam .  If you don’t have easyroam, you would be charged by the payperuse rate ($1.6/min, $10/50 MB of data, $10/100 outgoing texts). Incoming text is free.

And  international roaming had nothing to do with US roaming. Those international roaming is for traveling to another countries outside of Canada and US.

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@Polkadots The one thing I would add Dinh’s reply that with Easy Roam you can just use your phone as if you were at home. Whatever is included in your plan you have access to. Zero worries.  Just a few minutes of talking, a couple texts will cost you more than the Easy Roam daily rate.