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roaming pkg in philippines

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I hope we can get a roaming pkg for philippines or atleast for asia. Ur u.s add ons is perfect but i hope u can have any add ons in asia

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You can unlock your phone and just buy a sim card in the Phililppines, the rates are much cheaper there, for example, you can get unlimited 3G data for a day for only 50 peso!
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But i want my # tho.
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Being able to use your own number in the Philippines would be convienient, but that convienience would come at a cost. The actual cost on Koodo's end to roam in the US is significantly less than it is for other countries, which is how they can offer those roaming add-ons and still make a profit. The Philippines, however, are in the Zone 2 roaming fees bracket, so it's actually much more expensive for Koodo to offer roaming there. Not saying that they couldn't make a roaming add-on, it's just that in order to continue making a profit they would have to charge [i]a lot.
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Just like Curtutles said it would cost too much even with an add on. What's your reason to need to use your own number there? For business?