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Roaming - Introducing, Easy Roam® for Koodo customers

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On October 10, 2017, Koodo launched Easy Roam

[b]What's Easy Roam, and how does it work?
Easy Roam allows customers to use their Canadian rate plan while roaming in the U.S. or 100+ International destinations. Koodo Easy Roam is a zero-rated feature, which means that it doesn’t cost anything to add it. Customers are only charged on days when they use their phone in an eligible destination. When customers first use their phone (i.e. make/receive a call, send a text message or use data) they are charged $7/day in the U.S. or $10/day internationally (in eligible destinations) and can use their Canadian rate plan for 24 hours. For more information, check out: koodo.com/easyroam

[b]What Are The Benefits of Easy Roam:
  • Add Easy Roam to any plan! No need to have a specific rate plan to enjoy this awesome feature
  • Customers will continue to receive their data usage notifications as usual and they’ll have the option to top-up their data at the same rates as they would at home
  • Avoid the hassle of adding a travel pass prior to every trip – there is no need to remove Easy Roam from your account
[b]How Can Customers Opt Into Easy Roam?
  • By texting ROAM to 7626
  • By Managing your Add-ons In Self Serve (koodo.com/selfserve)
  • At a Koodo Shop, authorized dealer or retail locations at the point of activation or renewal
[b]Good To Know:
  • Calls to numbers in Canada or within your current destination are included
  • All incoming texts are free and outgoing texts to anywhere in the world are included. Premium messages and subscription messages are not included and will be rated as roaming pay-per-use
  • Customers on voice only plans that add Easy Roam will be charged for domestic data pay-per-use rates for any data usage while in the visiting eligible destination
  • In the U.S. or eligible International destinations, once customers spend $100 in Easy Roam charges, they won't be charged the daily Easy Roam fee so they can continue to use their plan for the remainder of their bill cycle at no charge
  • Customers can add Easy Roam to each individual phone number on their account
[b]What is NOT covered?
  • North American Toll Free Exchanges (1-800, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888) from outside of North America which are charged the roaming pay-per-use overage rate.
  • Easy Roam is not available for use on cruise ships or other satellite locations. Roaming pay-per-use rates for cruise ships, in-flight and satellite locations apply. 
  • Easy Roam U.S. is not compatible with any recurring U.S. add-ons, as these plans already cover calling, texting, and roaming within the U.S.
  • Add-on voice features such as International Long Distance Saver, China and Hong Kong Unlimited, U.K. Unlimited, France Unlimited, India 1000 Minutes, are not eligible to be used with Easy Roam. These features require the call to originate in Canada.
[b]When Would Pay-Per-Use Roaming Rates Apply?

Pay-per-use applies if:
  • The customer has not opted into Easy Roam
  • The customer travels to a destination that is not eligible for Easy Roam

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