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roaming function to travel to the U.S

  • 22 February 2015
  • 5 replies

you should have a fonction "roam like home" that it would cost like 5$ or less if you travel to the U.S or something like that 🙂 would be appreciated

5 replies

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Yeah except Rogers only made that available for certain plans where you pay through the nose. It should be available on all plans regardless of their price.
I would opt for a separate pool (like Wind), not "room like home" (like Rogers). I want to provision my US data usage separately.
so koodo have a good cost for U.S data usage depends on how much you are paying per month for your plan?
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depends on how long you want to go to the US for: 3 days, $30, Unlimited Talk & Text, up to 150 MB of Data 10 days, $40, Unlimited Talk & Text, up to 250 MB of Data 30 days, $75, Unlimited Talk & Text, up to 750 MB of Data doesn't matter what plan you're on