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"Right now we can’t show what’s included in this plan. Please try again later."

Why do I keep getting this stupid text that has no meaning whenever I try and change my plan? It's been 'try later' for a couple of weeks now and I'd really like to change my data plan so I don't get ripped off on overage. Is there a workaround? The new and improved website, eh, not much of an improvement.

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Try clearing your cookies/cache and try again. If you're still having difficulty changing it, you can call customer service to have them change it. If you have any negative Tab on a plan that you got before April 19th (estimate), it will have to be paid off first.
Just an FYI: I, too have the same message and I am not sure why (I don't have a tab and I haven't visited the plans for about a year yet. I might call. (iPhone plan options)