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returning to koodo and former plan

  • 3 August 2019
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If a customer leaves Koodo for another provider, and then decides to return, can they get their old plan back that they had when they left, even if that plan is not offered? I’m sure I have read about this but can’t find it.

3 replies

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Normally no. You'll have to call in and ask as a sort of "winback" thing. There are no guarantees.
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I guess it also depends on how long you were away, how old the plan is that you're on etc. I definitely wouldn't count on it.

You can always treat the waters at another provider with a new plan, and only port in your existing number after you are satisfied that it does what you want.
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I agree with Sophia. Open an account with PM tried it first.
If you like it, then port out your number.

Koodo told me that if I cancel/port out my number and then comeback within 90days, I can have my plan back as long as the plan is still in the system.
But it was long long time ago. They might change their policy/system at this point. (That’s why you can’t find those posts)
Also, it sounds like you can’t have it back if it was grandfathered plan or promo plan. It could be gone from system as soon as you port out or cancel.

If you don’t want lose your current plan, then test out first other providers