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Request callback through Digital Rep & Facebook messager multiple times in 2 days, didn't receive a single one callback

  • 23 September 2020
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Very bad experience for the pass 2 days. I need to have a callback from Custom Service Rep for remove Port Protection from my Koodo phone number.


But I waited for more than 1 ~3 hours for each booked scheduled callback still didn receive a call till now. What’s going on for this callback service. 


I feel frustrated and angry. Really bad experience ever.

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4 replies

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This worked for me, and hopefully for you too

Koodo Chat                                       www.koodomobile.com/chat Type   #helpss

Good luck!

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What happened when you sent Koodo a private message via facebook?

If you continue to message them, you gte moved to the back of the queue.  When did you message them last?

Finally found out the reason why the callback never received.

If you enabled “Call Control” (it’s an opt-in feature), then you need to disable it. Then the callback call will reach your phone and you can answer it.


For some reason, the number of callback can not pass the “Call Control” function which setup by Koodo Mobile itself.


So for a suggestion, if someone experience difficaulty on receive callback from Koodo, please check the “Call Control” feature and disable it. (In self Serve => View rate plan => Call Control )

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@AmyLuo - we have verified that the  Koodo Callback number is exempt from Call Control, and should not have been the reason you didn’t get your call. That said, glad that you were able to speak with someone (although, sad about the outcome), but we’ll be here if you ever have any other questions or need help.
Best of luck.