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Replacing Canada-wide with Five Essentials

  • 9 November 2012
  • 3 replies

Right now I'm on the Canada-wide $20 plan (50 min.), along with Data Heavyweight and Unlimited Texts for $15 and $5 respectively. I'd like to get rid of my Canada-wide 20 and replace it with Five Essentials ($10) to cut my airtime charges in half. Is this possible? Essentially I don't want a plan. I'm on Koodo tab with an iPhone 4; no contract. When I go to do this in self-serve, it doesn't look like you can select "no plan."

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3 replies

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You cannot just have add-ons, there needs to be a plan.
See, I thought that too. But when I bought the phone a couple of days ago, the girl at Koodo told me I was allowed to have just Five essentials and data/unlimited texts if I wanted. So is it possible at the Koodo shop, just not online? Or was she misinformed.
Nevermind! Called Koodo at my mall and they said you have to have a plan. Makes sense! Thanks Prodigy! 🙂