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COMPLAINT: hi there, I have been trying to reach a rep for a week now on the phone with no success. Due to the holiday hours/ busy, I am unable to reach anyone at KOODO. I urgently need someone to contact me. I had a rep at a store sell me an iPhone during the Black Friday sale and he changed my monthly plan from my unlimited to 5pm weekday nights and evenings. I did NOT CONSENT TO THIS. This is my business line. I just got my bill of $400 due to making regular calls and to my shock, it was because of him changing the plan. HE TOLD ME I would have the same plan with added data but cheaper. I would never go from unlimited paying 50-60$ a month to $400 a month on top of buying a brand new iPhone. I was taken advantage of for him to get a boxing day commission or he made an honest mistake. However, this was not an oversite on my part and he had told me it was the same plan plus more data..he even went over it with me. PLEASE, SOMEONE, CALL ME. Every time I'm calling my bill is racking up. This is my business number and no one from Koodo has gotten back to me. I've tried facebook, twitter, calling, i EVEN SPOKE TO A REP who transferred me to management and then it hung up.

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When did you send a private message to Koodo via Facebook? Upside is you can still get it all corrected. Did you have an agreement printed out for you to sign? What does it say about your plan?