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Removing an "international calling services bundle"

How do I remove my "Int'l Long Distance Saver?" Everytime I try it says it "cannot be removed because it is part of your international calling services bundle. If you wish to remove it, please first remove your international services." I don't know where to find this "international calling services bundle."

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International calling services is in your plan to make sure that when you travel outside of Canada, you have the opportunity to use your phone through roaming with Koodo. You don't need to remove it. Just keep it in your plan/account.
Thanks John! It still doesn't quite make sense since it is not actually part of my basic plan... I can't actually find it in any of the descriptions in my plan. According to Koodo's error message, I still need to somehow remove my international services bundle to finally remove the International Long Distance Saver. I'm not sure how to do that.