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Removal of Incoming Calls from Plan

What has changed in "CAN Talk & Text 300+ Min $40" that is no longer offered? I am on this one and I want to change to the "CAN Talk & Text 100min $30" and I am getting a warning that I will not be able to go back to the 300 plan. What has changed? Looking at the current plans I think it is removal of unlimited incoming calls.

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The change is that the plan is no longer offered.
I get that. What I am trying to confirm is what is it that I am losing by leaving the no longer offered plan. It would be useful if koodo could spell out clearly the changes themselves with having the customer to diff the lists themselves and wonder if they getting screwed by changing.
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Well, having just checked our help files, the plan is still offered, so I'm not too sure what your question is....
The question is what has been removed from the old 300 plan. I do stand corrected on the unlimited incoming - it is still listed on the plan chart. I am being warned that if I leave my current 300 plan, it is no longer offered - my problem is that I have no idea of how the plan has changed. Does that help clarify what I am asking.
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I think you're mistaken. The $40 300 CAN Talk & Text has never offered Unlimited Incoming. I checked the expired rate plans and nothing shows up. What is the exact name of your current rate plan?
If this of any help this is the list of features on my current plan: 5pm Evenings & Weekends 911 Government Fee Call Display Call Display Outbound Call Forward PPU Access Call Forward Pay Per Use Call Waiting Conference Calling Data Saver Pay-Per-Use Extra LD Rate (Cdn) Koodo Data & SMS Rates Koodo II PPU Call Forward Toll Provisioning Service Text Messaging Services US Roam Air@1.50 US Roam Toll @ $0.00Cdn Unlimited Canadian LD Unlimited Incoming Calls Unlimited SMS And MMS Unltd Local Family Calling Voicemail The warning is: You're currently on a plan that is no longer offered by Koodo. You won't be able to switch back to it at a later date.
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Or you could just give me the name that's listed right on your account...
The name of my plan is CAN Talk & text 300+ min $40 $40.00 On the chart here under Talk & Text Plans is there not a circle in the column under Unlimited Incoming for the $40 plan? https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/plans/index.html Again, I think I am not giving up Unlimited Incoming by leaving this plan. I stand corrected. Of course if I go the $30 I lose it but if I go back to $40 it is still there. I just have no idea what features I would be never able to get back on this $40 plan that I am currently on, since the system is warning me is it no longer offered.
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After rechecking the specific details, Unlimited Incoming calls is included. Unsure why you would get that message as it's still offered & there's no changes.
Thanks for checking, this answers my question, and this helps me make the change I want to make.