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reducing plan

  • 27 July 2022
  • 3 replies

Just had notice from Koodo of a $5 increase on rate plan, yet they offer a higher  GB plan for same amount of money I’m paying now. I tried to reduce my plan on self serve because of cost and I don’t even come close to the data I have but it won’t let me. Any ideas? 

3 replies

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@cjw1959 Indeed looking at your account for the last 3 months the amount of data you are currently using is less than 2gb.  Please set up a callback at koodo.com/chat with a time that’s most convenient for you and we can help make the changes.  

Hi Bernard


i had a callback yesterday and was told I CANNOT reduce my plan. I can only increase the plan  or pay  the same for a lesser amount of data. So I tried to change my plan online so that I at least wouldn’t have to pay the increased rate but I can’t till after the new plan takes effect. VERY FRUSTRATING!  Any suggestions would be appreciated 


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I asked you some questions there. 

To prevent back and forth between 2 posts, let's keep your questions in one post.