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Reducing Plan

I want to reduce my plan back to the $28.00 a month 200 minutes 100 MB data from the 300 minutes 300 MB of data. I recently increased and find that I don't need this much. Can I go back on my old plan. Can't figure out how on self serve. I am getting another phone and will be paying for 2 phones and this is another reason that I need to reduce so my cell phone bill will not be too high. I appreciate a response. Thank you Susan Bryan

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You can change your plan once every billing cycle, Susan. If you already changed it, you need to wait till next month and then it will be available in self service for you!
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And if it still doesnt show on your self serve after waiting like Sophia said, then that plan may not be available anymore
If it doesn't work on self serve call customer care and they'll most likely wave the 10$ fee