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reduce mins and get more data

is there any way i could reduce my mins and get more data ? for example say i have 500 mins and 2gb data i want to reduce my mins to like 200 mins and have my data instead without using top-up data

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Hi Paljor,
You can only choose from the plans that Koodo offers in-market. Sometimes they do offer reduced minutes with some data. I think spring 2016 they offered 1,000 anytime minutes instead of unlimited on select plans.
For now, to my knowledge, there's no way to trade your unused minutes for data.
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If you have an android phone, one option to help get more use out of your data is to download Opera Max, which compresses data being used before sent to your device, like BIS/BES did/does for Blackberries. You can realistically get ~20% or so more? They claim they can do higher but that's usually by going with minimum resolution on video streams. If you're still regularly going over, it might be best to just spend the extra 10 a month (I'm guessing that you're on the 50 dollar 2GB plan atm) for the 3GB one..