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Recieve text mesaages once I turn on wifi

  • 12 October 2021
  • 2 replies

Not sure why this has been happening, most text messages on the koodo service come through as normal and other times some text messages I only get once I've turned on wifi. Why is this happening ?

2 replies

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Do you have an iPhone? 

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It’s likely because the messages that are coming through are not actually SMS or MMS messages, but either iMessages on iPhone, or RCS aka “Chat Features” on android.

On iPhone, you can force messages to be sent as SMS:

1. Open Settings on your iPhone and tap on Messages.
2. On the Messages screen, enable Send as SMS and MMS Messaging options.

On Android, go into the messages app, Settings, Chat Features, and disable “Enable chat features”

This will help discourage your phone from sending messages using mobile data or Wifi and use the good ol’ SMS & MMS messaging.