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Questions regarding Grandfathered plan

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I have had the 56 unlimited Canada wide anytime mins, unlimited text and messaging and 2GB of data plan for years now. I just want to know,as I can't find any detailed info on this plan anywhere on self serve,if this means I can use my mobile [b][i]anywhere I'm in Canada to call [b][i]anywhere in Canada and won't be charged LD? Also,in regards to text and pic messaging,do this mean that any pics I receive or send via messaging will not be tacked onto my 2GB's? Lastly,I can't seem to find what I would be charged for any data overages (I have never gone over my data or ever came close,I'm just curious) I know there were some good overage rates years ago and I'm thinking mine is $5/500mb but again,I cannot find the rates anywhere on my account.
Thanks in advance!

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Yes for the calling and the picture messaging, and IIRC the overage rate for that plan was $10/GB.
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Thanks Timo! It's a great plan!