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Questions about upgrading plan during contract

  • 3 September 2020
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After breaking my phone with some water (under the koodo protection plan in mb) and reading the reviews for the repair/replacement service koodo uses (asurion) ive decided that itd be less of a headache and possibly less expensive to just pay off my tab/tab bonus and upgrade my plan (getting 5gb more data a month while im at it).


However I am unsure of how much I can expect my tab bonus to be and it isnt listed on my account. If my tab bonus was $430 and that was 14 months ago, what can I expect my current balance for the tab bonus to be, given that my $240 tab is now $90 as well? 


Also, if I do this in person versus at koodo, 1) will the cardholder for the account need to be present as it is in her name or can i, the actual user of the plan go myself? and 2) what can i expect to pay in service fees that i wouldnt have to pay for with self serve?

1 reply

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As I understand it, the amount of the tab bonus that must be repaid if you pay off the tab early goes down by 1/24 each month. In your example, if the tab bonus was 430 and that was 14 months ago you would have to pay back (430/24)*10=179.17.

If you choose to upgrade at a koodo store the account holder would need to be present. You would also be charged a $40 connection fee. Neither of these would apply when ordering online, although phones can only be shipped to the address on the account.