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Question About Possible Upgrade

Hiya, I was planning on upgrading from my aging Galaxy S II, and was wondering if it would be possible to upgrade my phone while keeping my current plan. I was going to use the Tab Small and was hoping it would be possible to keep my grandfathered Canada Talk & Text plan for $20/month. Would this work on a Tab Small upgrade, or will I need to go on a new plan? Thanks.

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Sure as long as you're using tab small you can keep your existing plan. Only tab medium would require a minimum plan and tab large has its own specific plans.
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Tab Small means you can carry a balance of up to $150. Example: Galaxy Note II and S III each retail for $300 if you wanted to spend that much. I would imagine that putting $150 down on the new phone, and paying off or taking whatever credit is on your current tab as the case may be would let you keep your current plan and the Tab Small. From what I have read, I infer that Tab goes with the account's balance, not any particular piece of hardware. You could in theory throw your phone in the trash and put the SIM into an unlocked phone and your tab/account would not change. You are doing nothing to trigger a cancellation of your plan, so they should honour it on the new equipment. The current talk-and-text plan probably has no data, so you will be caught out there if you ever require it.