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question about international plans

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What is your question, Greg?
Sorry quick on the trigger finger...

We are travelling to Europe in a few months, I have a question about the international Data, minutes and text plan.  I don't really need the tiny amount of data that the plan has as we will be using Wi-Fi and getting a local sim.  I do want to be in touch with calls and text though.  

My question is about long distance charges from my phone while in Europe.  Does the international add on cover these charges or would long distance (back to Canada or Europe) be included?   If the International plan just covers air time, I don't think I would use it enough to cover the $40 cost.   My understanding is that if I don't get the International plan it would cost $1.50/miniute and $0.60/text plus I assume long distance charges.  I don't plan on making many, calls or texts back home during the trip, and few local calls or text while abroad. 
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It covers 50 minutes and outgoing texts to any number while you are out of Canada and US as well as 50MB of data. Your pay-per-use rate if whatever the chart says and not extra. You can also contact people with VoIP or messaging apps while on Wi-Fi.