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Quebec plan with Ontario phone number... but living in British Columbia

  • 20 November 2020
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Hello everyone. I’m in a strange situation that I would like some clarity on.

I used to live in Quebec. When I got a new phone/Koodo plan a few years ago, I went with: Tab Lrg $46 5GB UL min QC SFD ($46.00). At that time, I transferred from Telus to Koodo and transferred my Ontario phone # over with me. (I wanted to keep my old number as I was only in Quebec temporarily.)

Therefore, during my time in Quebec, I had a Quebec plan (with a Quebec billing address on my account) and an Ontario phone #; I never ran into any issues having an Ontario phone # with a Quebec plan.

Recently, I moved to British Columbia (BC). However, I hesitated to update my billing address because I had thought it would prompt me to change my Quebec plan to a BC plan. (As far as I can tell, there is no $46 5GB plan in BC as there is in Quebec). Also, I pay my bill through my chequing account (and not my credit card)… which means my billing address serves no functional purposes. (As far as I know, Koodo is not sending anything in the physical paper-mail to me anyway). 

So yes, I’ve continued along with my Quebec plan, and my Ontario phone #, while living in BC

It sounds like I shouldn’t touch anything… right? My guess is that if I were to change my billing address to BC, it would force a chain-of-events that would prompt me to lose my Quebec plan AND (perhaps?) make me lose my Ontario #? I don’t know.

So… why am I really saying any of this?

I recently received a Koodo offer, via text,  ​​​​​where I can take advantage of ‘Bright Friday’ deals to add a friend/family member to my account. I’ll get $5 off, per month, for 24 months, and the friend/family member will get 3GB of additional data. 

Simply: I want to do this for my partner - who is with another carrier; she would be BYOD. However, if I click ‘Add another line, BYOD’ - the only address they’ll ship the new SimCard to is my billing address, which is presently my old Quebec address.

Coming full circle: It seems like the only way to take advantage of this offer - for my partner (adding her, as a new line, BYOD) - would be to risk me losing both my own Quebec plan AND my Ontario number. Is there anyone who could corroborate/clarify these assumptions of mine?

Thank you!

2 replies

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The plan eligibility is based off of the area code and not the address on file. 

Koodo does reserve the right to change you to a plan that is of the current province you live in though. For the most part, I would say you are alright to change your address and you likely won’t have any issues, but if you ever contact customer service with a BC address, there is the possibility (although rare) that they may force you to change the plan. I’m not going to guarantee you’re good but I would say you’re 99% good.


In saying all of this and to give you the peace of mind, I would just visit a store and see if they can redeem that offer (or something similar) there in store for you. That way you don’t have to change the address at all and don’t have to worry.

Hello Allan! Thanks so much. Very helpful.

That is interesting. As mentioned, on the day that I got my new phone (+ Koodo Quebec plan) many years ago, while living in Quebec, I immediately changed my phone # to an Ontario # (with an Ontario area code). Technically, it was at that point, then (essentially on Day 1) when Koodo could have prompted me to change my Quebec plan to an Ontario plan; as mentioned, this has never happened. 

[If I recall, I faintly ‘beat the system’ in this regard because there was a web-based-mechanism to port Telus numbers to Koodo... which apparently let you transfer out-of-province phone #’s to a Quebec plan without any issue.]

Thank you again,