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Put account on hold

  • 3 September 2020
  • 2 replies

My son is attending school in the US. He wants to put his account on hold and retain his number until he returns to Canada. I’ve scheduled 3 calls backs and it goes directly to my voice mail without ringing.

2 replies

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How long will he be in school for? Rather than pay 15 a month for seasonal hold I would suggest porting the number over to a VoIP app such as Fongo or or VoIP.ms or callcentric. There's others but these seem well reviewed. I personally use Fongo. There's call forwarding options for the later two. He could even continue to use his Canadian number for free or close to free while in the US this way with cellular data or WiFi.

In school until April/May. I will have him read your reply. Thank you.