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Provide a voicemail to text transcription service

As the world has shifted much of its communication to asynchronous textual messaging (email, SMS, Facebook etc), voice calls and especially voice mail have become diminished in prominence. Nevertheless, it's not uncommon to occasionally receive a voice mail. Actually retrieving a voicemail represents a minor inconvenience, even in the case of visual voicemail on iOS; it can take upwards of a minute to dial, authenticate, listen to the voice prompts and finally listen to the message. I'm aware of family members who actively procrastinate this process because they find it annoying. I propose that Koodo implement a speech recognition service that will transcribe received voice mails, and sends the interpreted voicemail text to an email (or MMS) address of the user's choosing. By the nature of human speech and imperfect voice conditions - speech recognition cannot be perfect, but speech recognition deployed in this manner would likely be successful at retrieving a comprehensible summary of the voicemail contents in the case of the vast majority of messages. Many people, myself included, would be prepared to pay a nominal monthly or per-retrieval fee for this service; conversely, the inclusion of this service would be a good differentiator for Koodo.

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