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Protection Plan Disappointment

  • 21 August 2019
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Hello all

Looking to get others experience with the protection plan process. I was enrolled at a Koodo store here in Vancouver with the promise that "everything is covered and included." Therefore when I dropped my phone and the screen cracked I felt relieved. I went to the same Koodo store and they reassured me "all you do is call and they send you a new one." Therefore I was extremely disappointed when I went onto the Asurion site and learned I would be charged $224 to be sent a replacement phone.

Has anyone had better experiences with other providers? I have no contract with Koodo and given the customer service I got when I inquired about the costs I am not feeling so certain.

2 replies

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Its like that at all carriers you pay a deductible it's insurance for your phone just like your car when you get in an accident you have to pay a deductible. Experience will be the same everywhere. Heck you're lucky if you get the exact same phone you insured from these places
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It's all basically the same. Here's the proof if you need it: