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Promo plans this year?

Just wanted to know when and if Koodo will have promo plans(Double mins and double data) this Christmas ?

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I hope so. You won't know until Koodo actually announces such plans and are publicly available and they won't comment on any possible upcoming plans/promos/changes, etc.
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We're all speculating (and hoping!). If it doesn't happen this weekend, it's not going to happen at all. Frankly, I think Koodo will stand firm and not offer any promo plans this year -- just, perhaps, a few dollars off more phones for people who commit to a medium tab. This is one of those rare times when I want my prediction to be waaay off. C'mon, Koodo -- prove me dead wrong!
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I doubt that there will be any holiday promotional plans this time around, as they would've probably been announced by now.
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Yes, I have a feeling they won't be coming out this year. Last year I caught the tail end of the double minutes / double data, and I purchased on Dec. 14. I do wish it would happen though.