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Promo now or promo later?

I'm assuming promos run in cycles. The "back to school" promo has just ended and now there's nothing (very sad indeed). I'm assuming there will be a Christmas promo just around the corner? Is there a "best time of year" to get a new phone? I was hoping to hold out for double data promo like Koodo offered in the summer but heck, I'm impatient. Is it worth being patient for?

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Promo periods are not set in stone. Even this year's back to school promo technically happened after school started. I am hoping to see Christmas promos but nothing is guaranteed 😞 However you could always sign up with Koodo and still switch to the promo plan when it comes out (you can change your plan once per billing cycle)
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You can sign up whenever and just switch if anything better comes available. Compared to the promo plans of years past, nothing has been even close lately, so I wouldn't expect anything much different then what we just had.
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There wasn't really a "back to school" promo this year and I was kind of disappointed. I would expect a Christmas promotion but I'm not entirely sure if Koodo will follow up to that as well. Nevertheless, you never know what the promos will be so you can either wait and see or sign up now.
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I hope the trend will change and we will have black friday rocking sale this year. Other competitors have already started some sales on handsets so lets see what koodo come up with this year end.
So if I signed up with Koodo now and they (I know it's unlikely) came out with their double-data promo, I could switch to that (as long as it's the only time during that billing cycle)? The only thing I'd miss out on is the promo where they give you $100 bonus accessories for signing up then... obviously that's for new peeps only. That is just another reason to switch to Koodo - other companies like to keep you locked in on the higher-profit-for-them deals.