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Problem with Easy Roam Charge

  • 19 August 2019
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I was recently abroad for a few weeks. I had turned my data off before getting on the plane, I did not send any texts nor answer any phone calls.

I received my bill and I had an EasyRoam charge, I scheduled a call back with Koodo and the representative told me that I was being charged because I received a phone call (which I don't have record of and as such definitely didn't answer) and that I received text messages the same day (that I did not respond to). I assumed that as long as my data was off and I didn't answer calls or respond to texts I would not be charged.

Their easy roam webpage also states that incoming messages are free (https://www.koodomobile.com/easyroam) so I am not sure why I was told that I am charged for incoming messages and calls because my phone used local towers in the UK to receive them. I was also advised to leave my phone in airplane mode the whole time for any future trips.

Did I misunderstand how Easy Roam works? Thank you!

3 replies

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That's right incoming texts are free. But incoming calls are not free and cost the same as you making a call. You'll definitely be charged for answering a call when roaming.
HI Goran,

Thank you for your answer! I didn't answer any phone calls though which is why I am confused as to the charge
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You could try to argue it but it has happened to me accidentally hitting voicemail and before I could turn it off it was enough to connect and charge me.