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Price Data Plans by Speed Tiers

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Koodo is currently offering various different types of service (CDMA, HSPA, HSPA+ and LTE) with various data speeds. But everyone is paying the same amount across the board for the same coverage. Considering the possible speeds in LTE 1GB isn't really enough coverage, while on a CDMA phone (I will NEVER upgrade HAHAHAHA!) it's next to impossible to even get to 1GB in a month. I suggest the price and coverage of a Customer's data plan reflect more the type of cellular data they're using. LTE users, for example, can have access to larger amounts of data for a higher plan cost OR if they only want the LTE phone as a status symbol they can block LTE data only (just use HSPA) and go with a cheaper plan. It's a skeleton of an idea, I know, but I think with a little work it can mean big things for Koodo.

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Hey Curtules, Thanks for your idea! We can’t comment on new phones, rate plans or services until they’re launched due to competitive reasons. If there are any new changes, we’ll announce it either here, Facebook or koodomobile.com. - Sumaya
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The thing is you can throttle your data speeds yourself on newer devices. I can select HSPA only on my Galaxy S III. In fact, that's exactly what I do - LTE is still too new tech. It drains battery too fast for my liking.