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Price adjustment?

I just noticed that the price of the monthly plan I have went down by $4. Shouldn't my bill have been adjusted right away? Who knows how many months I have been over paying...

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Hi Anna-Lisa,

New plans are constantly coming out including some promotional ones. It is up to you to take a look at the plans and see which one best fits your needs for the price. Your always welcome to change your plan to the new one. However, if you are on a plan from before May 2015, you will need to pay off any tab you may still have before you can switch to the new plans.
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The new plan costs are without a tab so they may not necessarily be cheaper.  They also come with the new tab rules so I would be upset if they changed my plan for me.
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Your plan didn't actually get $4 cheaper, it's a whole different plan alltogether even though it may have the same features. And like Mathieu essentially said, it's your responsibility to be an informed consumer and check prices regularly and change your plan when there's a better deal or your needs change.