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  • 6 September 2019
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when i was looking through rate plans and expenses? there was some different information, such as - Additional data $7/100 MB, after changing a plan i see - Additional data is $10/100 MB, can somebody explaine what is going on ? i got use to belive that KOODO is one of the best and honest company... SORRY, but now, have an... doubt

2 replies

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You must have one of older plan.
Yes, it used to be $7/100mb data overage charge. Some people with much older plan has better overage rage than that.
They raised the overage charge to $10/100mb while ago.
Or depends on your plan price for $7/100mb or $10/100mb
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The $10/100MB is something new to me also. I guess they just jacked up the price. If you changed your plan, you would be subjected to the new terms. If you kept the old plan, your overage should only be $7/100Mb

Anyway, people don't use that payperuse rate to get extra data (Koodo should pause your data when you reach the limit). There are several cheaper options like $13 for 300MB. https://www.koodomobile.com/help/shock-free-data There is add-on of 1GB you could add through selfserve also.