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Prepaid and IMessage

Can I use iMessage on a 15.00 prepaid text plan? The add indicates pic messaging is included without adding data so the iMessage should also work without having to use wifi or purchase a data add on. Can someone confirm?

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Sorry but iMessage requires a data connection. Traditional MMS is included in the 15$ base plan
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To clarify, iMessage requires Internet access of some capacity; WiFi or mobile Data is fine, but it's not "included" because it's a separate service from the provider.
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It' two different ways of functionning. MMS is Koodo while iMessage is Apple. I once recevied some picture message thourhg iMessage and asked myself why did my data cap has been reached so fast. It's then that I discovered the iMessage is same thing as aFacebook messenger for iPhone. So yeah, better turn off iMessage and you would be able to send and receive MMS!