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Post your Plans and ADD-on , let koodo know what you are missing .

  • 11 November 2014
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how about creating a thread to let koodo know that you have X plan with Y minutes and Z data but after being loyal to koodo you are missing 1 and 2 and 3 that you are willing to pay for it .. let me explain i am 250 min /6 gb plan customer and also 39 double data / minute customer for both lines i have with koodo .. for the first one i am missing ADD-on for more minutes and for second plan i am missing ADD on for more data . i dont want to lower my data for first one and lower my minutes for the second one .. hope this example gives you better idea of what i am talking about . please post what you are missing .

2 replies

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You're not missing anything. There are extra use rates for both of those.
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I agree with Chad Burr. Your plans include and have pricing for overages. As an example: Currently there is a $94 5GB Plan with unlimited minutes with overages at $5 for every 250MB (or $20 per 1GB). My current plan is $70 3GB with unlimited minutes with overages at $5 per 1GB. Which ends up being $85 for 5GB ($9 less than the current plan). The bucket data overage idea is swell because it essentially just adds the data add-on for you should you need it, without requiring you to pay for it every month no matter what. Hope this helps.