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Please change the wording on the plans to make it easier for people to understand ...especially unlimited picture messaging requiring data

I am interested in the way the plans are worded The plans say that there is unlimited pictures messaging but there is nothing in there that says that you need to use data in order to send picture messages. Is there any way that you can change the wording on your plans (on the website, brochures, etc...) to indicate that this is required. Thank you.

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It's pretty common knowledge that MMS requires access a mobile data connect on the HSPA network. I'm almost pretty sure that Koodo does have this stated on their website as well.
Marcus, you are right, it does show in a post script but when you hover over the #3 (which is after the unlimited messaging note) it says "additional data charges apply" So although it is there, how many people do you know actually read this? And it is very difficult to read - I knew what I was looking for but still had to go over it a few times to find that extra data charges apply.
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Marcus is right here. It is on the website. At the bottom of the plans there is "Nitty gritty and other charges". The last sentence of number 3 covers this.

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Hey David,

I hear what you're saying. It's already in the nitty gritty, but where do you think we should make this change? I'm not making promises right now, but I'd love to get your thoughts 🙂

~ Sumaya