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I live in Alberta but I also have a cottage in Saskatchewan. Driving out to the lake I stopped at a mall and saw a Koodo offer. $55 for unlimited everything with 5GB of data! Smokin Deal! But of course there was a catch. The deal wasn't available in Alberta. I could get in on the deal but to do so I had to give up my Alberta phone number. Grrr. I went for it but what a pain. Now everybody has to dial long distance to reach me. Come on Koodo! What gives? Why favor Saskatchewan over Alberta? And what other deals are you offering in other parts of the country?

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It isn't so much "favouring" as it is competing with local service providers. (i.e. Sasktel) Also, Telus/Koodo offers a very limited LTE coverage map in Saskatchewan when compared to Alberta and other provinces so it [i]is actually cheaper to operate in Saskatchewan. (Manitoba too, the coverage there is very limited period.)
Hopefully Sasktel will open up in Alberta so Koodo will feel the need to compete and give Alberta a break. Yeesh. Come on Koodo. You can give everybody a better rate if you want to.
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Bob wrote:

Hopefully Sasktel will open up in Alberta so Koodo will feel the need to compete and give Alberta...

They could, but they feel the national plans have great value. They only offer the regional ones due to a few provinces having regional carriers that either have larger/faster networks or offer unlimited data. At this point I don't ever see SaskTel branching outside of Sask, you've got more chance of Wind becoming a true national carrier at this point. Also gotta keep in mind businesses exist to make money, without any competition the only way you're going to see lower plans is if people stop buying higher ones.
Well I suppose everyone could rent a mailbox in Saskatchewan and change plans. $55/month w/5GB is a great deal. And as a bonus we will all be in area code 306 together like one big happy family. Out of curiosity has anybody heard of any better deal offered by Koodo in some other province?