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Planning to switch providers. Just a query.

Hi, I'm presently a subscriber from a different provider and they're not meeting my needs. I just moved to Canada so most of my contacts are overseas that's why I use the Internet more and barely send SMS/MMS and make calls. I was wondering if you have a plan that suits my needs.

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Hi Dan,

Koodo has a variety of plans available that may suit your needs, they have data available at reasonable prices and their plans include international texting so that would be beneficial to you as well. I've provided a link for their post paid plans and prepaid plans so you have an idea of what is available to you.


Hope this helps 🙂 and if you choose to come to Koodo, then welcome!
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All of Koodo plans include international SMS & MMS. Overseas calling, where will you call majority of the time?
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Make sure that you don't cancel your current line so you can port over your number if you decide to sign up with Koodo.
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You might want to take Koodo for a spin before switching. Get your phone unlocked from your current carrier & try out a Prepaid SIM from Koodo. If you like it, awesome, if not, you only paid for a Prepaid SIM & 1 month of service.