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Plan with no data, does it allow you to use apps when not connected to wi-fi, and then charge you later?

My mom has purchased an iPhone for the first time, she chose a plan that was without any data (on purpose). She was told to get the data-block add-on so that there would be no way for her to accidentally use data. But that add-on prevented her from being able to receive picture texts from non-iPhone users. Thus, I have disabled the add-on. However now I'm concerned about her being charged for data usage. If she is to accidentally click on the Facebook app or try to check her email, or anything else of this sort, when she does not have a wi-fi connection, will it just use data right then and there and then cost her later? This is unsettling to me. Any clarity would be highly appreciated.

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If Mobile Data is enabled & the phone makes a Data connection it will charge her, even if it's accidental. While she won't be able to get picture messages from non-iPhone Users as you said, in my opinion it'd be safer/cheaper to have the Data Block Add-on enabled.
Thanks for your reply. Would it possibly work for her to disable cellular data at all times except for when at home when she wishes to exchange pictures with her family? And then turn it off again right afterwards?
I mean, is it safe to do it that way.
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amieefacee wrote:

I mean, is it safe to do it that way.

It's safe but if you accidentally turn it on and don't notice that your not connected to a wifi connection then you could accumulate data usage and you will be charged for the data used. She'd just have to learn how to tell if she is connected to a wificconnection and when a data connection is enabled by looking at the status indicators in the status bar at the top of the display, learntthat and really there's no worries after that.
amieefacee wrote:

I mean, is it safe to do it that way.

If data is blocked and u have a wifi connection can u still go on the internet without being charged fro data?