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  • 5 December 2013
  • 7 replies

Since I changed my plan to the $40 double the minutes and data from the regular one I am unable to receive and occasionally send picture messages. Please help. Maybe the rep turned it off by accident, I'm not sure but it worked before I changed my plan. Thank you

7 replies

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If you're able to navigate the web with your phone without any problem then it's really weird you occasionally cant' send/receive MMSs. Have you tried rebooting your phone and removing the SIM card out?
I have tried turning the phone off and on and changed some features, haven't tried taking my SIM card out yet. I used to work in the mobile industry, you'd think I would have thought to do that first, but no. Will try that now and report back.
I am still unable to receive pictures and just received a text back saying it can not send my picture. I have taken the SIM card out, played with some settings and still doesn't work.
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I am still unable to receive pictures and just received a text back saying it can not send my pic...Data needs to be turned on for picture/video messages to be sent. Also, check Self Serve to see if you have anything that may be blocking your messages such as Data Block. There was a recent network failure so maybe try using it now? Are you able to use any other features normally on your phone?
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Make sure you have data turned on, and have mms messaging enabled in settings. It could have been the recent service outage maybe? How long have you had this problem?
Everything that needs to be turned on is. I called Koodo tonight and was on the phone with them for over 40mins. They found some errors but cleared them and suggested that I do a factory reset. We will see if this fixes my issue. It worked previously, before I changed my plan to the exact same plan but double minutes and double data.
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Make sure koodo.sp is only apn listed . If there are others, open them and press the menu key and delete them.