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Plan for while im in vegas

im going to vegas for a week and want to be able to use my phone....is there a phone plan i can go on for the time so i am not paying a large amount

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Koodo offers 4 add-ons when travelling in the US. Depending on what you need (voice, text, data, or all three) while in Vegas, add the appropriate add-on to your plan. Note that the US Roaming bundles are only for 30-days. They will not renew after 30-days and do not carryover. See this page for details about the add-ons: https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/add-ons/index.html
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Might I also recommend a Roam mobility SIM card. It's a Canadian service that uses T-Mobile's network in the US. Unlimited talk, text for $3/day or unlimited talk, text and 100 mb's data for $4/day. So basically, for 7 days, you are either paying $21 or $28(data option) for unlimited talk, text and up to 700mb's of data. Compare that to Koodo's $35 bundle which gives you a total of 400 incoming/outgoing texts, 40 U.S. minutes and 40MB. It's a no-brainer. Note, the Roam mobility plan allows for unlimited talk and text to Canada and the United States. It's the best value out there and I've personally used it a couple of times while in the US. The SIM card is $20 (future shop, 7-11 or order from Roam's website), but if you travel to the US often enough, you can use it as often as you like, the SIM card stays active so long as you use it once every 365 days (so, even if you don't travel to the US for a 365 day period, instead of letting it expire, you could just pay for a one day $3 plan to keep it active for another 365 days if you wish). You will require an unlocked phone and you will be assigned an American number in order to use the service. I just tell people my American number and leave a vacation message on my Canadian voicemail with my American number so people can contact me there even if I didn't tell them my number. If you want more details: http://www.roammobility.com/