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Plan Change/Proration...can someone help me do the math?

Hey guys! So I am considering changing plans to that $39 promo plan tomorrow as it better fits my needs and saves me money (ill be out of town and wont have access to a pc to make the switch closer to the end of my billing cycle) I was just wondering if someone can tell me how Koodo would calculate the proration changes: current plan $45 double data promo new plan would be $39 I have 12 days left till my billing cycle restarts what are the charges I can expect roughly Thanks 🙂

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Thanks for the quick response guys 🙂
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Refund on old plan: -$18 New plan (for 12 days): $15.60 New plan (30 days, full cycle): $39 Total: $36.60 +tax (varies by province), but if you're in Ontario it would be around $41.36 would be the total of your next bill. Assuming you don't have any extra charges
45 / 30 * 12 = credit (-$18) 39 / 30 * 12 = charge ($15.6) Plus 1 month in advance, so: 39 + 15.60 - 18 = $36.60. This assumes no overages.