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Plan change not appearing as completed...

Yesterday, I changed my plan from a $25/month talk and text to the $50/month data plan, all done over the phone. However, I checked my account today and on my online account, it reads "CAN Talk & text Unltd min $50 $50.00", and that I have no add on's. I am worried because I had specifically requested to change my plan to the $50 data plan, and had also requested to keep the 5 essentials add on I previously had. Any advice?

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Wrong version of the plan get selected. Call customer service, let theem know it was an error and they can fix it no charge.
Thank you, is this common? The rep was extremely explicit in saying he had signed me up for the data plan, as opposed to the talk and text I was put on,
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Not common, per se, but certainly not unheard of, particularly when there are multiple plans with similar names at the same price point. Since all plans and features involved are still available it should be an easy fix. Would be an easy fix in self serve as well, but self serve only allows one plan change per billing cycle.