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I have 2 phones on the same bill, changed plan on 1 phone but have to wait until next bill period to change the other. Why?

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Are you trying to do the change on Self Serve?
Did you make sure you changed to your other number phone when you attempted to change the plan on it using self serve? I changed plans on two phones in one month on self serve without issue, but you have to make sure you change which phone you are viewing/changing before you try and change the plan. To change phones, when you log into self serve, you'll see which phone you are currently viewing on the right hand side to the right of the big "Welcome, (your name)". Select the other phone you wish to change the plan on by selecting it from the drop down menu and then attempt to change the plan.
Here's a screenshot of where you need to change phones to pick which phone you want to change plans on. You should have no problems switching both in the same month.

Also if you do have the line correct as Iglooman pointed out and are still unable to change the plan it could also be that there were other changes made to that line within the last 14 days then you would have to wait to change the plan on self serve like a phone number change or mobile phone swap, or an upgrade. You can however still call in to the call center if you need your plan changed right away and let them know you are unable to do it on self serve at this time they should wave the $10 plan change fee.
Changed it to the other number last night and change plan was greyed out (both phone numbers) Was able to change it today on self serve.