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Plan + $10(x) = 100(x)min + (x)gb

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would it be unrealistic for me to ask for plans that can be upgraded in increments? no i realize these plans may have to start at 30 dollars, but form then on could we not add 10 dollars to the cost and receive 100 minutes and 1 gb of data? so if i add 30 dollars i receives 300 min and 3 gb of data. i know this is just going towards the unlimited option but i think this brings more room for those who know just what they need, unlimited at high cost is not practical. most phone companies charge an extra 5 dollars per 500 mg over or 10 dollars for 1 gb over. so i think 10 bucks for an extra gb and some minutes is reasonable. what do you think?

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I don't think that it's unreasonable. I've always been a fan of choice.
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They have that option for data on the Canada Wide Talk & Text plans with the Data Saver, which adjusts by your use.
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A customized plan for every single customer? I don't see that happening. If the Koodo System cannot handle to offer grandfathered plans back once they expire, I cannot even imagine what it will do with a customized, different plan for almost every single customer.