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Phone won't work in the USA

i recently travelled to the USA and tried to add the talk and text package. I didn't add it before I left. when I got there, the phone wouldn't work. said emergency calls only, and I was not able to text the code to add the package. So, then I figured I would try the website option. that wouldn't work either, because I couldn't keep an internet connection long enough to do it. The internet was working fine, as I was able to get on with my blackberry playbook and my friend who was with telus had no problem. my phone is a Galaxy Ace 11. would like to know why this happened. considering changing providers if this is going to be an ongoing issue for international travel.

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Well, it has likely nothing to do with koodo themselves. Telus owns koodo and guaranteed they have the same roaming agree my with US carriers if you are a monthly customer and mot prepaid. So, I'm convinced it's more to do with your phone. You can be with the same phone company and 2 different phones could have different receptions in the same spot. Other than that, actually looking at your phone it's hard to tell exactly what the solution might be.
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Are your payments up to date?
Cameron Jones wrote:

Are your payments up to date?

Yes, they are.
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Hi Kathleen, For next time, try to search manually for the network by following these steps: Setting/More/Mobile Network/Network Operator/Search Network. This will help 🙂. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.