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I want 200 minutes, Unlimited texting, & a decent new I phone with 1 gb of data. Can I join a plan & get my phone free?

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In short, no Koodo no longer gives away a phone and then overcharges you in your plan to cover your phone. Instead you'll find the tab which allows you a no interest loan to buy the phone you want and pay it back as a separate charge each month. Once you're done paying the charge (24 months), your bill drops to just your plan rate. This way you'll never over pay for service after you've paid back your phone. You can make the monthly tab charges lower by paying more up front for your phone. Check out this video for a better explanation: http://youtu.be/uwqm0hPgMJA
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Also, you won't find the kind of plan you want. The only plan with at least 1GB of data starts at $55/month (+Tab charge for the phone you choose) that also has unlimited Canada wide calling and international text with Caller ID/Voicemail. You can't customize the plan and get lower minutes with more data, unfortunately.