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Phone upgrade with Koodo's new plans

Now that Koodo plans have changed, if I were to upgrade to a different phone and I'm on the tab small and I have paid off my tab, which phones can I choose from without having my plan go up

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All phones sold by Koodo are eligible for Tab Small. The website is a marketing trick, which makes customers think some phones are not available for Tab Small (especially iPhones), so customers will be ready to sign up for an expensive Tab Plus plan when they go to a store.. more $$$ for TELUS Communications Company.
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You can get any phone. The price you pay does depend on your account status. If your account is in good standing, you should be eligible for the Tab and the Tab Plus - my recommendation will always be to go for the TAB, not the TAB plus. you do pay more for the phone up front, but you will save that money in a few months by having more cost efficient rate plan. so for example if you wanted and Samsung Galaxy S6 and your eligible for both tabs, you can purchase it for $400 in store. the other $360 will go on the tab and then choose a new plan - ex: $53 - 1GB plan. for the first two years it will be $68/month and then after two years it will drop down to $53 - koodo's advantage to the other providers, we drop the rate plan after your phone is paid for, where as competition does not drop plan prices. the extra $15 is that $360 discount applied to your bill as a monthly payment instead of you paying the full $760 in store. but if you do the TAB plus you will be on a higher rate plan starting at a minimum of $86/month, dropping to $65 after the two years (and this plan only includes 750 mb of data) and you do pay less in store for the device. S6 ex: pay $256 in store and $86/month for two years. you end up paying more for the device after the two years with the TAB plus compared to the Tab ($360) your best option is to go into a Koodo Shop (a kiosk/store, NOT a reseller) and discuss it with a koodo rep.
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You are right though, certain phones are only advertised as being on the Tab Plus such as the iPhone 6..might be a marketing trick, who knows