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I currently have 3 different phone plans, on one Koodo account. Would I be able to switch the plans around. ie. one user needs data now(they have the $29 plan), while the other user doesn't need data any longer($39 plan) Would we be able to switch the plans for these 2 devices?

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No. However, it sounds like both of those are still offered by Koodo (albeit I don't know how much minutes/data they have). You can simply switch each phone # to an in market plan that suits your needs in Self Serve.
Jonathan, thanks for the quick response sorry did not mention that the 3rd plan we have is the Canada-Wide Data Double 35 $35.00 We cannot switch phone numbers from one plan to another that's too bad considering all numbers are under one account.
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You can still change your plan like Jonathan said. ie. one user : $29 plan > $39 plan the other user : $39 plan > $29 plan When you change the plan, make sure you look at what your current plan has as well as what you will get/loose. There could be no difference in price, but the features may be different. Also keep in mind that the minutes will be prorated if you change a plan in middle of billing cycle.