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Phone plan with more data, less minutes!

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There should be an option where you can sacrifices minutes for more data!

Example: $35 plan includes 300mb and 300 min. You can take away every 50.100, 150 min and so on and to make up for it add the amount of data per minute loss.

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Public Mobile offers something like this. Possibly you should see if it meets your needs.
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Never gonna happen, unfortunately. The companies know data makes them money and will continue to keep bundling it with Unlimited calling packages to inflate the value. I actually do talk on the phone more than I used to since getting unlimited calling but I could still live with evenings/weekends as long as I had Canada-wide. Alas.
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Public Mobile, which is my Carrier I am with, Offers blissful Plans, 90 Days and price point very lucrative.