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phone in offer

  • 25 September 2020
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I got a message from Koodo saying they tried to call me with a special offer. They gave me a unique promo code to redeem over the phone. Anyone have any insight as to what this offer could be and if it is worth calling back. I don’t have a lot of time to spend my day on hold, and a lot of time they aren’t very helpful.

Thanks in advance!

8 replies

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What happens when you login to self serve and see if you have any special deals there (the purple star).  

Im surprised they are making you order over the phone

No offer is seen on the purple star, just telling me to refer a friend. 

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What number are they telling you to call?

Are you a koodo customer or have you recently ported out?

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All I can advise: be careful. It could be genuine, but it can also be a scammer.

Verify that the number you are asked to call belongs to Koodo, and never, ever give out personal information to someone calling you.

It's a crazy world out there!

It is genuine, it came from their texting offers. I am a current subscriber and emailed them recently about an issue I was having. They called me and I was at work at the time so I couldn’t answer. 

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In that case since I think the only way to know what the offer is about will be to call them.

You could also try your luck sending them a personal message via facebook or twitter and they may be able to confirm the voicemail and promo code to redeem over the phone

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Do not provide sensitive information before you are convinced that they are legit.

I also missed their call and got the same text. Just called back but the offer is something about adding a family member to my plan. Granted I didn’t get a chance to give them the offer code but the rep seemed super disinterested in helping me anyway, not worth my time.